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When we talk about awakening our inner self or our true self what we really mean is becoming more aware of our true self. It can also be defined as remembering who we really are.

The only way to get to a true awakening is by self awareness. Becoming aware of our emotions, habits, thoughts, feelings and actions. Becoming aware of these can be kind of like peeling the layers of the onion. Once you become aware and release one layer of the false self/ego there is another layer underneath.

True enlightenment is peeling back all layers. It is almost impossible to get to this point but the more layers we peel the more enjoyable life becomes!

Here are a few resources that I believe can be beneficial in the journey of self awareness.

Oct 20

I just finished reading  Shovel It: Kick-Ass Advice to Turn Life’s Crap into the Peace and Happiness You Deserve and thought I would write a short review of the book.

First I didn’t LOVE all of it. There are some things I disagreed with but I LOVED her style.  She has a  blunt and straight forward way of writing.  I don’t get the sense that she filters her writing to try and please everyone which I love (I find books who are trying to not to “rock the boat” rather annoying and boring).

You get a good feel for her personality through her writing and I enjoyed the read.

I typically read while I am at the gym on some cardio machine which seems to cause a lot more inspiration and “aha” moments.  I had several while reading this book and found it well worth the price (under $7) which was very reasonable.

The approach of this book is no matter how much yoga, meditation, spiritual stuff, or money you do or have you still run into challenges in life.  She gives some really cool and new ideas on how to what she calls “Shovel the crap.”  Its not about not experiencing crap in her eyes, its about how fast you can shovel it.

Quick and Fun read, Highly recommended.





Oct 13

Discover the Four Questions that Will Forever Transform Your Life’s Journey

No matter how much money, status, or success they may have, very few people experience true joy and personal freedom. Byron Katie knows this reality too well. In the midst of a “normal and successful” life, she was sinking deeper and deeper into depression and despair until a sudden, profound insight into how the mind works set her on the path to a life filled with love for everything life brings. Eager to help others find this freedom, Katie developed a revolutionary process to make this transformation practical, a simple yet powerful method of inquiry known as The Work.

The Work’s four powerful questions and turnaround (which is a way of experiencing the opposite of what you believe) have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. In Your Inner Awakening, Byron Katie will teach you how to use The Work for yourself to question and undo any stressful thought that keeps you from experiencing mental clarity. You’ll discover that trying to let go of a painful thought never works; instead once you have investigated it, the thought lets go of you. Eventually you may find, as so many others have, that peace and joy flow into every area of your life.
Author: Byron Katie

Binding: Audio CD

ISBN: 0743562720

ReleaseDate: 2007-02-13

Title: Your Inner Awakening: The Work of Byron Katie: Four Questions That Will Transform Your Life

Oct 10

In doing lots of research on Awakening your inner self which essential in my opinion is awakening our highest self, I have come across a few articles that I would like to reference for anyone who happens to land here while I am attempting to get this site up and running.

I hope you enjoy the following articles:

  • Depression: A Spiritual Awakening :: Journey Inward – Like many people (it might even be safe to say most people) I haven’t gotten this far in life without traversing a few bouts of depression. My first was in late childhood, my second was in my teen years and my third was alcohol related in my early twenties. These episodes were marked by an inability to function normally.

  • Jerusalem: Wake Up and Smell the Spiritual Awakening … – I am amazed, over and over again, at the mysterious ways in which the universe works. We have been so busy ignoring the endless signs around us, that f.

  • Guidesposts for your Spiritual Path (Symptoms of Spiritual … – … conscious co-creation, creativity, intuition, Life, metaphysical, metaphysics, Spirit, spirits, spirituality. In the post Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening: A List, I talked about the aforementioned symptoms and, well, provided a list. …

Oct 6

Ancient wisdom holds that human life is difficult for everyone. From minor stress and struggle to suffering and desperation, this human condition affects everyone – causing illnesses, emotional problems, broken relationships, and difficulty with self-improvement (to name just a few). Yet, this remarkable discovery has also passed down throughout the generations: Anyone can leave a limited existence behind to find a Utopian experience of life right inside themselves!…Called Awakening, enlightenment, satori, heaven within, etc., this state, reported in every generation by all kinds of people, is the highest state of brain functioning and experience. It fulfills your human potential for profound meaning and wisdom, amazement at each moment with existence, freedom and authenticity, success as defined by deeper values, wellness and a natural high. Yet, the promise of Awakening has been hard to fulfill for the vast majority of people, perhaps because it is expressed in religious ideology, abstract philosophy, vague notions of higher consciousness or more recently in clearer but still confusing language of mindfulness. Awaken Your brain helps you better understand the stress and struggle of the human condition, comprehend the levels of reality we normally experience, explore what an Awakened reality is, and experience the 5 step brain skill of Neural Inshifting. Completing this approach are dozens of wellness practices and principles from within physical, mental, social, cultural, moral and spiritual fields directed towards making Inshifting even more likely to happen automatically. That s the Neural-Wellness Inshifting (NWI) approach of Awaken Your Brain. Use Awaken Your Brain: Coming Alive to Vibrant Well-being and a New Reality to begin to: Transform your stress, struggles, emotional problems and even physical ailments into opportunities for growth… Improve your life with wellness practices geared towards inshifting from within the fields of physical, mental, social, cultural, moral and spiritual wellness, and most importantly… Progress towards Awakening (a higher brain reality) with spontaneous and authentic joy, amazement, well-being! Appreciate the magnitude of your existence each moment as it unfolds! Get ready to take a journey with the deepest, most integrated, concrete and direct approach to wellness, well-being and psychospiritual states you are likely to find today! Discover the secret to Awakening your brain and souring towards your fullest potential!
Title: Awaken Your Brain: Coming Alive to Vibrant Well-Being and a New RealityAuthor: Jeff SkolnickISBN: 0578023296

Oct 1

Donalyn Miller says she has yet to meet a child she couldn’t turn into a reader. No matter how far behind Miller’s students might be when they reach her 6th grade classroom, they end up reading an average of 40 to 50 books a year. Miller’s unconventional approach dispenses with drills and worksheets that make reading a chore. Instead, she helps students navigate the world of literature and gives them time to read books they pick out themselves. Her love of books and teaching is both infectious and inspiring. The book includes a dynamite list of recommended “kid lit” that helps parents and teachers find the books that students really like to read.
Author: Donalyn MillerEISBN: 9780470623404Title: The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child

61 of 62 people found the following review helpful:
In Less Than a Week, I Became a Book Whisperer, Too, March 14, 2009
By paisleymonsoon (Tulsa, Oklahoma) – See all my reviews

This review is from: The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child (Paperback)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)
How do you awaken the inner reader in someone? You teach them to read for pleasure. It sounds like such a simple concept really. Forcing spinach down a kid’s throat doesn’t make a kid love spinach any more than forcing boring books down a kid’s throat. But serving that spinach in a souffle and giving a kid a book that they enjoy just might work.

The author pulled me in from the beginning by being a reflection of what I’d like to see myself be as a literature teacher. Mainly, she’s able to turn non-readers into readers and to turn book loathers into book lovers. Her 6th grade class is challenged to read 40 books each year and most go even beyond that goal. But I work with adult ESL students in an American literature class. Could her methods work for them as well? In one week, I’ve already noticed an excitement from my book loathers when I announce that it’s time for pleasure reading in class. They know that if they don’t like something, they’re not going to be forced to…
Read more here!

May 16

Starseeds, Indigos, Intuitive People, Incarnated Angels are & Everyone Else 🙂 Are welcome to my channel Please Subscribe!

Duration : 0:9:30

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May 16

Vuelvo a subir este video con diferente version en vivo, debido a que la anterior youtube la prihibio en muchos paises.

Sepultura: Inner Self
Album: Beneath The Remains (1989)

Entra al canal para mas Metal traducido; http://www.youtube.com/user/AndresMetalSubtitula

Duration : 0:5:7

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May 16
icon1 admin | icon2 spiritual journey | icon4 05 16th, 2011| icon325 Comments »

A girl goes on a spiritual journey with a mysterious person

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May 12

This month Janelle is on vacation and Juanita is interviewing Michael Sharp. Michael is a sociologist, mystic, and world teacher. He has written books on spiritual topics ranging from ascension (The Book of Life), through chakra and kundalini activation (The Dossier of the Ascension), to the nature of God (The Book of Light), and even the Tarot as a tool of spiritual advancement. He also talks, in great detail, about what’s happening in the supposed “run up” to the big 2012 “shift” that everyone’s becomes fixated on, what spiritual “enlightenment” is really all about, and how to attain full spiritual awakening and empowerment. Michael says his mission is to help you awaken, empower and ascend!

Duration : 0:26:15

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